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The GLOW Viral Challenge

Right now is a great opportunity to show your neighbors how much you care. With the COVID-19 virus spreading around the world, let’s spread some light as well! This idea is great because you don’t have to leave home to share with people, and in a world of little personal contact, a personal touch makes an extra special impact. Below is everything you need to know to participate and share about this awesome opportunity.


How it Works

  1. Get a random address in your community
  2. Write a hand-written letter to the person at that address (see examples below)
  3. Put in envelope with three GLOW tracts (ideas below) and add stamp.
  4. Mail it!


Ideas for Tracts to Use

Use a variety, not everyone is interested in the same topics. In other words, don’t only choose tracts that are your personal favorites. For this opportunity, I would combine one on health with one on salvation or a general Bible topic, and one on a more specific Bible doctrine.

Health Tract Ideas: The NEW Coronavirus and Immunity tract, Steps to Health, or Diabetes Undone

Prophecy Tract Ideas: Certainty in an Uncertain World, America in Prophecy, or The End of the World?

General and Salvation Tract Ideas: What the World Needs Now, Talking with God, or The Promise of Peace


Sample letters to copy

We will be putting some example letters you can use as a guide in this area. – COMING SOON


Share on Social Media

Spread the word: Challenge more people to join you in doing the #glowviralchallenge and helping to give light to the world. You can use the image on this page to share with Facebook or Instagram stories, or use it to post on your timeline and tag a few friends.

Once you’ve done that, head over to our GLOW Viral Challenge Digital Sharing page to share some of these tracts on social media.

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