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The History of GLOW

Giving Light to Our World – is a ministry whose aim is to activate believers across the globe in spreading the gospel through small pocket-size tracts on such subjects as salvation, health, prayer, prophecy, and the reliability of the Bible.

The ministry began in 2007 when two young adults asked a question: What if there was a simple way for every believer to share the message of hope and a future in Jesus wherever they went?

God was asking a few church leaders in California the same inspired question. When the two groups of listeners came together, they quickly understood God’s action plan: Every believer sharing the message of the gospel through small literature.  Soon, thousands of believers across America caught the vision promoted by this team of young adults.

Two years later, a gentleman in Denmark heard about GLOW and wanted their literature to be available in Europe. He offered to print the tracts for free on left over pieces of paper from other print jobs. God provided translators for several languages for free, too.


More Voice Mail

GLOW was now international and the Holy Spirit keeps expanding to ministry into new languages and new countries.

The idea is not new. In the mid-1800s, the information highway was person to person via newspapers and books. Many believers of those times had a mission to tell everyone about Jesus’ soon coming and His urgent messages given in Scripture. Preaching, writing and publishing small tracts, magazines and books were their passion and commitment.

Today, the information highway is much more globally interconnected and accessible.  Even so, one small pocket-size tract, personally handed to someone, can be powerful. Especially in our age of disconnectedness where people are isolated by technology, the personal touch of one person sharing a tract with another is more needed than ever.

You are visiting this site because you have been touched by this ministry. As you view this site’s various pages, consider joining the movement as well.  Read some of our tracts online, order some to give to others or partner with GLOW financially to speed the gospel to places where funds are needed to print this precious literature.  Together we can hasten our Lord’s return.