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How to GLOW

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How to Distribute Tracts in Daily Life

Everyone, including you, can have a personal ministry. You can reach 1,000 people each year simply by carrying and giving away three tracts per day. Even if you are fearful of giving them directly to people, you can at least strategically place three tracts somewhere to be found by others.  A lot of things in life are difficult but witnessing doesn’t need to be. Check out the following creative ideas on how to give out GLOW tracts in your daily life.

  • Leave them on car door handles.  This is by far the most efficient method to reach large numbers of people without even talking to anyone!
  • Leave them on your gas pump–and other people’s too.
  • Mail them with your bills.
  • Leave them in your grocery store cart.
    • Testimony: A man found a GLOW tract in his shopping cart. It was “Why I go to church on Saturday.” He called to order more tracts and explained how significant it was. He and his wife had enrolled their son in a Christian children’s program. One day, their son came home and asked why they went to church on Sunday. His parents didn’t know. God had provided the answer before it was needed.
  • Give them out in stores.
    • Testimony: One man wrote into GLOW and mentioned that he found his tract in a barbecue grill in a store!
  • Leave them in public bathrooms.
    • Testimony: A man found a stack of GLOW tracts in a truck stop bathroom. He called for Bible studies and a Bible. Now, he hands out tracts door-to-door with an international ministry.
  • Leave them in a computer lab.
  • Leave them with your tip.
  • Place them on public bulletin boards.
    • A member of the Mormon church saw a tract posted on the library bulletin board and called for the free literature offered on the back.
  • Leave a tract on a bus stop bench.
  • Place them in Laundromats.
    • A woman adopted a local Laundromat as an outreach center and started stocking it with GLOW tracts. She noticed that the tracts would disappear quickly. Thinking that someone was throwing them away, she watched for the potential culprits. One day she noticed a mail man put stacks in his bag. She asked him what he was doing. He told her how much he enjoyed the tracts and gave them out to people as he delivered mail!
  • Give a tract directly to someone.
    • Testimony: Ashley had GLOW tract in her pocket one day as she was riding the bus. Soon she felt convicted to give a tract to the man sitting next to her.  She hesitated until the bus came to a stop and the man began to get up to leave. Mustering her courage she gave him one. As he took it he said, “You know, I was just praying that God would give me a sign if He didn’t want me to commit suicide. I think this is it.”
  • Give them to your cashier.
  • Give them to the homeless guy asking for money.
  • Give them to your hairdresser.
  • Give them to your banker.
  • Give them to the person who collects tolls at that parking or bridge kiosk.
  • Give them to the hotel worker who checks you in.
  • Give them to your taxi, uber, or lyft driver.
  • Give them to your mailman.
  • Give them to the kids that come to your door on Halloween.
  • Give them out door to door.
    • Testimony: Liz was working at home when she heard a knock at the door. But when she opened it, there was no one there. David was swiftly walking to the next house. She called out to let him know she was home. Back on her porch, he handed Liz a GLOW tract. “Is this from Jehovah’s Witnesses?” David assured her that it was Christian tract.
      “I have chills right now! Not too long ago I had a dream. I saw two ministers of the gospel coming to my house sharing literature. And I knew that they were not Jehovah’s Witnesses.”
      David was thrilled to hear about her dream but he was the only person there. Just then, Taylor, his ministry partner, arrived. He had run out of GLOW tracts and found David for more. Now there were two ministers of the gospel at her door.
      Liz looked at David and Taylor. “I believe that this is from God. In my dream, I saw two ministers at my door bringing me hope. And I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘This is your last chance. I’m coming back soon!’”
      “Please pray for me. I need Jesus in my life.”
  • Give them out at work.
    • Testimony: A man received a “Death’s Silent Truth” GLOW tract at the doctor’s office. “This pamphlet explained step-by-step the process of life and death to immortality, something of my 83 years of life of being a Christian I never understood. I feel like I am a complete Christian now.” He wanted to know how to subscribe to GLOW so he could share with others. “Most everyone I know has died, but there are people in the community I could share with until I die.”
  • Join a GLOW mission trip or make your own mission trip to give out literature.  Hundreds and thousands of people attend large events in cities and towns. GLOW has added mission trips to distribute tracts to crowds of people. GLOW often operates one-day trips, weekend trips, and 10-day trips. Learn more on about GLOW’s mission trips on the Mission Trips page under the “Get Involved” tab.
    • Testimony: Pope Frances’ visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in September 2015, was an unprecedented opportunity to share GLOW tracts. Volunteers spent 10 days handing out 1 million tracts!  A volunteer from Florida shares an experience. “I was blanketing a parking lot at a strip mall and handed a man a set of three tracts, and telling him I was giving out a free gift today. ‘If you check out the website on the back, there is a link to free video.’ As I turned to leave, he stopped me and asked, ‘Where is the other man?’ Shocked I asked, ‘What man?’  Then he told me about his dream. Two months earlier, he dreamed a man came to him and said that I would bring him the truth. The man was well over six feet, very muscular and very handsome. Definitely not me!  He also said I would give him three tracts and named them: ‘Why I Go to Church on Saturday,’ ‘Where is God When I Am Hurting?’ and ‘Promise of Peace’ – the very tracts I gave him.  He asked for two others he had seen – ‘Myths about Hell’ and ‘Secrets of Mental Health.’ Praying that I had them, I opened my bag and found one of each. He wasn’t surprised, thanked me, and assured me he would definitely read them. Then he walked back into the crowd.”

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