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Do you want to have an abundant life?

Good, because Jesus wants that for you too! He says so in John 10:10. Throughout the Bible, there are true stories, parables, and commands of God that can lead you to achieve that goal– and FARM STEW can help. 


FARM STEW is a recipe for abundant life that has blessed thousands of families. Families who struggled with food insecurity, depression, exhaustion, poor nutrition, disease, addictions, poverty, and dehydration have found hope in the eight ingredients of the FARM STEW recipe: Farming, Attitude, Rest, Meals, Sanitation, Temperance, Enterprise, and Water.

Through FARM STEW, you can learn what science and the Bible teach about good health. These truths can help you and your children grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. Let’s take a look at FARM STEW’s health-promoting lifestyle choices: 

Farming: God planted the first garden and told the first humans to care for it. (Gen. 2:8, 15) Farming and gardening are divinely-given work and can produce a bounty for those who are diligent and committed. Home gardens and farms are excellent ways for people to secure their food and earn a livelihood.

Attitude: The Bible says it well: “A merry heart does a body good like medicine.” (Prov. 17:22) You can choose a positive attitude by expressing gratitude and praise, helping others, forgiving others, and focusing your thoughts on uplifting things. The Holy Spirit can also heal your mind and emotions if you ask for help. 

Rest: God created daylight for work and night for sleep, and He set aside the Sabbath as a day of rest and worship (Gen. 2:1-3, Ex. 20:8-11). Regular rest can reduce stress, restore energy, promote health and healing, sharpen the mind, and strengthen relationships. Women’s bodies also need rest between the births of babies. If pregnancies are too close together, a woman does not have enough nutrition for herself and the baby, and both suffer. The land needs rest, too. The Bible recommends letting fields rest every seven years to increase the yield of the other six.

Meals: God’s original dietary guidelines tell animals and humans alike to eat a plant-based diet (Gen. 1:29). This plan is still the healthiest choice! Eating animals and their products can promote poor health and disease. Refined foods and those with added sugar or fat rob the body of needed nutrients. Many diseases are best prevented, and, in some cases cured, by a diverse, whole-foods, plant-based diet, including foods in a rainbow of natural colors. Babies should be nursed for the first two years of life, with natural plant foods gradually added.

Sanitation: Practicing proper sanitation and cleanliness can reduce the number of harmful microbes, worms, and parasites entering the body, which protects the body from disease and sickness. Hand washing, which is specifically instructed in the Bible, is one of the best ways to prevent illness. Homes also need to be smoke-free so that all have pure air to breathe. Foods need to be clean and free of toxic fungus contamination, which causes malnutrition and serious illness. Families should have a clean, well-maintained latrine or bathroom to provide privacy and a safe place for human waste.

Temperance: Satan can use the toxins found in tobacco, alcohol, and street drugs to capture people’s minds and destroy their lives. These substances should be avoided because they bring misery, poor health, and dishonor to God. Instead, the Bible encourages us to be sober-minded and to treat our bodies as His temple (1 Cor. 6:19-20). God can help you overcome dependency and give you self-control, also called temperance! Self-control also helps to maintain healthy, fulfilling marriages and avoid the unhappiness, disease, and violence that can result when God’s plan for marriage is not honored.

Enterprise: Launching a business enterprise that provides for your family and employs others can be a source of dignity and blessing. A village savings and loan association can help provide funds for small businesses. God will bless your efforts, especially as you seek to become rich in good deeds (1 Tim. 6:17-19) and return tithe to Him. 

Water: Water is necessary outside of the body for cleanliness and inside for every cell to function. It carries nutrients and removes wastes, is a major portion of healthy blood and the brain needs to contain 85% water to think clearly. Beer, alcohol, soda pop, coffee, and black tea harm rather than promote body and brain function. The drink designed by God for good health is pure, clean water and no other drink can be as beneficial. 

That is the FARM STEW recipe for abundant life! 

How can I follow and share the FARM STEW recipe? 

Anyone seeking a happier, healthier life can take free FARM STEW courses online. Go to www.farmstew.org and click on “The Recipe,” where you’ll find the E-Learning Course link. These courses provide the information and practical skills you need to try the FARM STEW recipe yourself.

As you choose to follow Jesus with your FARM STEW lifestyle, you can have faith in God’s promises of rich blessings in your life. Jesus says:

“. . . I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 (NKJV)

Abundant life is the goal of God and FARM STEW for you, your family, your community, and the world. Join the FARM STEW Family by practicing and sharing the recipe for abundant life. 

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